Muizenberg Community Safety Iniative


What is a membership about?

Muizenberg Community Safety Initiative (MCSI) promotes community safety and security in Muizenberg Village and the Mountainside. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to build safety in the area including:

· Neighbourhood watch activities
· Connecting the community to each other
· Recycling
· Public space cleanups
· Regular communication on security matters
· Working with local partners like MID and SAPS
Neighbourhood Watches in South Africa are constituted under the South African Police Service (SAPS) Act, and are intended to function as the ‘eyes and ears’ of SAPS in the communities they serve.

Latest Projects:

  •  Engaging with the community regarding crime and homelessness
  • Encouraging community members to join:
  • Organising community events such as Railway Clean-ups, Beach Dunes Clean-Ups, Joint Ops support

Contact Details:

Chair: Trevor Snyders

Phone number:  081 425 0683


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