Muizenberg Improvement District


What is a membership about?

Even if your home is rented out to tenants, or if you only visit at certain times of the year, we urge you to stay close to the work of the MID, by joining as a member and by exercising your right to vote at the AGM held in November each year. You may also give a proxy to your tenant or another resident to vote on your behalf.

Latest Projects:

  • Muizenberg Beach-cleanup. (First saturday of the month)
  • Tiger’s Milk Classic Surfing, Longboarding & SUP Competition 12 & 13 September 2016
  • FunRun 28.03.2015 (10km run)

Contact Details:

Manager/Secretary: Chevone Petersen

Phone number: 082 463 1525


Chair: Marion Wagner  

Muizenberg Partnership