Muizenberg Festival & Know Thy Farmer –  FARMERS Market

There are foundational principles for this market.

1)  First and foremost, it is a FARMERS market.  That means that the market must always primarily be a platform where local farmers, including permaculturalists and other small growers may have an opportunity to sell directly to the public.

Definition of a FARMER:   Any  person who works with the laws of nature to produce food.

Guidelines for farmers / sellers: 

2)  LOCAL PRODUCE.   The market places a great emphasis on selling local produce.  We will maintain some flexibility for exotic products that are not available in the Western Cape, for e.g.. coconut products.  In this e.g. though we will seek to have a supplier who is as local as possible, and would prefer coconut products sourced from Mozambique instead of Sri-Lanka.

3)  TRANSPARENCY.   Full transparency is the one true requirement  from any grower who would like to sell at the market.  That means a willingness to disclose all details to the market managers or members of the public regarding how foods are grown, and which materials and methods are used. In this way, although organic certified store holders are most welcome,  organic certification is not necessarily a requirement to qualify for the market.


The Muizenberg market only accepts produce that comes from farming that works WITH nature, is a neutral or positive impact on the environment and is socially positive to those employees involved with the growing/farming.

5)  NATURAL FOODS AND BEVERAGES only.  All stall holders, including the vendors who will sell ready made food and beverages will be asked to use natural un processed ingredients only.  In that way we look to make this a refined flower and sugar free zone.

Non of the following ingredients will be part of the markets food:

  • processed hydrogenated oils and trans fats
  • irradiated salt
  • M SG
  • refined sugars
  • refined flour
  • soy
  • GMO products
  • factory farmed meats

Please contact: to enquire about joining the market.