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Muizenberg Partnership

Online and offline communications

Place-making and collective impact processes as strategies for Local Economic Development in Muizenberg specifically, and ward 64 in general.

1. Overview

The Muizenberg Partnership is an initiative that builds effective local economic and community-based development towards a commonly held vision; in service to its partners: residents, associations and organisations that represent public and private interests in Muizenberg. The partnership positions itself as an initiative as it is activity-focused and outcome orientated; promoting and strengthening the already existing organisations and associations that represent the people of Muizenberg. Currently, the partnership is a constituted CBO (Voluntary Association); and we are awaiting feedback from CIPC regarding our application to incorporate as an membership-based NPC.

1.1 The partnership works to:

  • develop and deliver collaborative projects which support the common interests and vision of the partners,
  • promote the partners and their collective initiatives, and
  • advocate on behalf of partners when interfacing with external actors e.g. government and other incorporated bodies.

 2. Vision

Strengthening collective action between civil society, business and local government towards an inclusive, resilient and prosperous Muizenberg.
Where active democratic participation is a daily habit, everyday practice; and economic development is a ground up capacity of every community leveraging collective assets and social capital towards better governance and sustainable economic empowerment.

2.1 Values

DICE holds the following values as paramount to its work:

2.1.1 Development

The enhanced self determination through the unfolding of potential of individuals and organisations

2.1.2 Innovation

The renewal and rejuvenation of organisational models, business practices, and institutions, from the inside out

2.1.3 Community

The advocacy of rights outside of the subjugation to state – inalienable human rights; and the capacity to defend common values that progress our communities

2.1.4 Enterprise

Taking advantage of challenging and intractable obstacles by undertaking and pioneering daring new business models, organisational frameworks, and development practices.


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